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BxDolReport Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for BxDolReport:
BxDolObject BxDolFactory iBxDolReplaceable BxBaseReport BxTemplReport BxOrgsReport BxPersonsReport BxTimelineReport

Public Member Functions

 isUndo ()
 getBaseUrl ()
 getStatCounter ()
 getCountByStatus ($iStatus)
 getSocketName ()
 actionReport ()
 actionClearReport ()
 actionGetReportedBy ()
 isAllowedReport ($isPerformAction=false)
 msgErrAllowedReport ()
 isAllowedReportView ($isPerformAction=false)
 changeStatusReport ($iStatus, $iAuthorId, $sCmtText)
 msgErrAllowedReportView ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from BxDolObject
 init ($iId)
 getSystemId ()
 getSystemName ()
 getSystemInfo ()
 getId ()
 setId ($iId)
 isEnabled ()
 isPerformed ($iObjectId, $iAuthorId, $iAuthorIp=0)
 getVote ($iObjectId=0, $bForceGet=false)
 getTrack ($iObjectId, $iAuthorId)
 getConditions ($sMainTable, $sMainField)
 getConditionsTrack ($sMainTable, $sMainField, $iAuthorId=0)
 getSqlParts ($sMainTable, $sMainField)
 getSqlPartsTrack ($sMainTable, $sMainField, $iAuthorId=0)
 getSqlPartsTrackAuthor ($sMainTable, $sMainField, $iObjectId=0)
 addMarkers ($aMarkers)
 getElementAPI ($aParams=[])
 getCounterAPI ($aParams=[])
 getQueryObject ()
 checkAction ($sAction, $isPerformAction=false)
 checkActionErrorMsg ($sAction)
 onObjectDelete ($iObjectId=0)

Static Public Member Functions

static getObjectInstance ($sSys, $iId, $iInit=true, $oTemplate=false)
static & getSystems ()
static onAuthorDelete ($iAuthorId)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from BxDolObject
static pruning ()

Protected Member Functions

 __construct ($sSystem, $iId, $iInit=true, $oTemplate=false)
 _isCount ($aVote=array())
 _getReport ($iObjectId=0, $bForceGet=false)
 _isReport ($iObjectId=0, $bForceGet=false)
 _getTrack ($iObjectId, $iAuthorId)
 _getIconDoReport ($bPerformed)
 _getTitleDoReport ($bPerformed)
 _getFormObject ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BxDolObject
 _getAuthorId ()
 _getAuthorPassword ()
 _getAuthorIp ()
 _getAuthorInfo ($iAuthorId=0)
 _getAuthorObject ($iAuthorId=0)
 _trigger ()
 _triggerValue ($iValue)
 _replaceMarkers ($mixed)
 _prepareParamsData ($aParams)
 _getRequestParamsData ($aKeys=array())
 _prepareRequestParamsData ($aParams, $aParamsAdd=array())
 _getTmplContentElementBlock ()
 _getTmplContentElementInline ()
 _getTmplContentDoAction ()
 _getTmplContentDoActionLabel ()
 _getTmplContentCounter ()
 _getTmplContentCounterLabel ()

Protected Attributes

- Protected Attributes inherited from BxDolObject
 $_oTemplate = null
 $_oQuery = null
 $_bApi = false
 $_iId = 0
 $_sSystem = ''
 $_aSystem = array()
 $_aMarkers = array ()
 $_sTmplContentElementBlock = ''
 $_sTmplContentElementInline = ''
 $_sTmplContentDoActionLabel = ''
 $_sTmplContentCounter = ''
 $_sTmplContentCounterLabel = ''

Detailed Description

Report any content

Related classes:

AJAX report for any content.

To add report section to your feature you need to add a record to 'sys_objects_report' table:

  • id - autoincremented id for internal usage
  • name - your unique module name, with vendor prefix, lowercase and spaces are underscored
  • table_main - table name where summary reports are stored
  • table_track - table name where each report is stored
  • is_on - is this report object enabled
  • base_url - base URL for reported object
  • trigger_table - table to be updated upon each report
  • trigger_field_id - trigger_table table field with unique record id, primary key
  • trigger_field_author - trigger_table table field with author
  • trigger_field_count - trigger_table table field with reports count
  • class_name - your custom class name, if you overrride default class
  • class_file - your custom class path

You can refer to BoonEx modules for sample record in this table.

Example of usage

You can show report in any place, using the following code:

$o = BxDolReport::getObjectInstance('system object name', $iYourEntryId);
if (!$o->isEnabled())
return '';
echo $o->getElementBlock();
static getObjectInstance($sSys, $iId, $iInit=true, $oTemplate=false)
Definition BxDolReport.php:131


  • report
  • report view


Alerts type/unit - every module has own type/unit, it equals to ObjectName. The following alerts are rised:

  • type: 'object name', action: doReport
  • type: report, action: do

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

BxDolReport::__construct ( $sSystem,
$iInit = true,
$oTemplate = false )

Reimplemented from BxDolObject.

Member Function Documentation

◆ _isCount()

BxDolReport::_isCount ( $aVote = array())

Internal functions

◆ actionReport()

BxDolReport::actionReport ( )

Actions functions

◆ getObjectInstance()

static BxDolReport::getObjectInstance ( $sSys,
$iInit = true,
$oTemplate = false )

get reports object instanse

$sSysreport object name
$iIdassociated content id, where report is available
$iInitperform initialization
null on error, or ready to use class instance

◆ getSystems()

static & BxDolReport::getSystems ( )

Reimplemented from BxDolObject.

◆ isAllowedReport()

BxDolReport::isAllowedReport ( $isPerformAction = false)

Permissions functions

Reimplemented in BxOrgsReport, and BxPersonsReport.

◆ isUndo()

BxDolReport::isUndo ( )

Interface functions for outer usage

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