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BxDolSearch Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for BxDolSearch:
BxDol BxBaseSearch BxTemplSearch BxTemplSearch BxElsSearch BxElsSearch

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($aChoice='')
 response ()
 getEmptyResult ()
 setLiveSearch ($bLiveSearch)
 setMetaType ($s)
 setCategoryObject ($s)
 setCustomSearchCondition ($a)
 setCustomCurrentCondition ($a)
 setUnitTemplate ($s)
 setRawProcessing ($b)
 setDataProcessing ($b)

Protected Member Functions

 getKeyTitlesPairs ()

Protected Attributes

 $aClasses = array()
 $aChoice = array()
 $_bRawProcessing = false
 $_bDataProcessing = false
 $_bLiveSearch = false
 $_sMetaType = ''
 $_sCategoryObject = ''
 $_aCustomSearchCondition = array()
 $_aCustomCurrentCondition = array()
 $_sUnitTemplate = ''

Detailed Description

Search class for different content.

Allows present content in main search area for all modules.

To add taking part content from your module to search area you need add a record to sys_objects_search table:

ID - autoincremented id for internal usage
ObjectName - your unique module name, with vendor prefix, lowercase and spaces are underscored
Title - language key for module's choicer in global search form
ClassName - class name which is responsible for search process ad showing result for found results
ClassPath - file where your ClassName is stored (if class is stored in template folder then you can use key {tmpl})

For using this class you should have unit of BxDolSearchResult class (see description below) with method processing which is responsible for processing of search request.

Example of usage can be seen in the BoonEx modules, for example: Posts

Memberships/ACL: Doesn't depend on user's membership.

Alerts: no alerts available

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

BxDolSearch::__construct ( $aChoice = '')


array$aChoice- array of choosen classes (will take a part only existing in sys_objects_search table)

Reimplemented in BxElsSearch.

Member Function Documentation

◆ response()

BxDolSearch::response ( )

create units for all classes and calling their processing methods

Reimplemented in BxElsSearch.

◆ setCustomCurrentCondition()

BxDolSearch::setCustomCurrentCondition ( $a)

Set custom data for aCurrent array

$aarray of params

◆ setCustomSearchCondition()

BxDolSearch::setCustomSearchCondition ( $a)

Set custom search condition to use istead of GET/POST variables

$aarray of params, such as 'keyword', 'state', 'city'

◆ setDataProcessing()

BxDolSearch::setDataProcessing ( $b)

Return search result as array of data

◆ setRawProcessing()

BxDolSearch::setRawProcessing ( $b)

Display search results without design box and paginate

◆ setUnitTemplate()

BxDolSearch::setUnitTemplate ( $s)

Set custom unit template

$stemplate name

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