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BxDolTranscoderProxy Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for BxDolTranscoderProxy:
BxDolTranscoder iBxDolFactoryObject BxDolFactory iBxDolFactoryObject

Public Member Functions

 isMimeTypeSupported ($sMimeType)
 getFileUrl ($mixedHandler)
- Public Member Functions inherited from BxDolTranscoder
 onDeleteFileLocal ($iFileId)
 onDeleteFileOrig ($mixedHandler)
 registerHandlers ()
 unregisterHandlers ()
 cleanup ()
 getStorage ()
 getDb ()
 getFileUrlById ($mixedHandler)
 isFileReady ($mixedHandler, $isCheckOutdated=true)
 transcode ($mixedHandler, $iProfileId=0)
 prune ()
 forceDevicePixelRatio ($i)
 getDevicePixelRatio ()
 getOrigFileUrl ($mixedHandler)
 getFileUrlNotReady ($mixedHandler)
 getTmpFilename ($sOverrideName=false)
 clearLog ()
 addToLog ($s)
 getLog ()
 deleteFromQueue ($mixedHandler)
 storeTranscodedFile ($mixedHandler, $sTmpFile, $iProfileId)
 getDevicePixelRatioHandlerSuffix ()
 getFilterParams ($sName)
 getMaxResizeDimention ($sFilter='Resize', $sKey='')
 isMobile ()

Protected Member Functions

 __construct ($aObject, $oStorage)
 _isImage ($sMimeType)
 _isVideo ($sMimeType)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BxDolTranscoder
 storeTranscodedFileInQueueStorage ($mixedHandler, $sTmpFile, &$sFileUrlResult)
 addToQueue ($mixedHandler, $iProfileId=0)
 applyFilter_Resize ($sFile, $aParams)
 isFileReady_Folder ($mixedHandlerOrig, $isCheckOutdated=true)
 isFileReady_Storage ($mixedHandlerOrig, $isCheckOutdated=true)
 isPrivate_Folder ($mixedHandler)
 isPrivate_Storage ($mixedHandler)
 getFilePath_Folder ($mixedHandler)
 storeFileLocally_Folder ($mixedHandler)
 storeFileLocally_Storage ($mixedHandler)
 storeFileLocally_Queue ($mixedHandler)
 getOrigFileUrl_Folder ($mixedHandler)
 getOrigFileUrl_Storage ($mixedHandler)
 initFilters ()
 clearCacheDB ()
 processHandlerForRetinaDevice ($mixedHandler)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from BxDolTranscoder
static getObjectInstance ($sObject)
static pruning ()
static processQueue ($bQueuePruning=true)
static pruneQueue ()
static processCompleted ()
static registerHandlersArray ($mixed)
static registerHandlersSystem ()
static unregisterHandlersArray ($mixed)
static cleanupObjectsArray ($mixed)
static onAlertResponseFileDeleteLocal ($oAlert, $sObject)
static onAlertResponseFileDeleteOrig ($oAlert, $sObject)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from BxDolTranscoder
static getTranscoderObjects ()
static _callFuncForObjectsArray ($mixed, $sFunc)
- Protected Attributes inherited from BxDolTranscoder
 $_sLog = ''
 $_sRetinaSuffix = '@2x'
 $_sQueueTable = ''
 $_sQueueStorage = ''
 $_iDevicePixelRatio = false

Detailed Description

This transcoder can be used as universal transcoder for videos and images. Depending on original file MIME type it calls the appropriate transcoder. Proxied transcoders names are specified in 'source_params' array:

  • object: original file storage object
  • image: image transcoder name
  • video_poster: video transcoder name for video poster image
  • video: video transcoders array to force conversion for

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

BxDolTranscoderProxy::__construct ( $aObject,
$oStorage )


Reimplemented from BxDolTranscoder.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getFileUrl()

BxDolTranscoderProxy::getFileUrl ( $mixedHandler)

Depending on original file mime type call appropriate transcoder

Reimplemented from BxDolTranscoder.

◆ isMimeTypeSupported()

BxDolTranscoderProxy::isMimeTypeSupported ( $sMimeType)

check if transcoder suppors given file mime type

Reimplemented from BxDolTranscoder.

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